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Mayor Xue Guoping also came, very kindly asked to ask his injury , and then said : "You feel at ease recuperate ,Gucci factory outlet others do not want you with his life and rescued three people , we all know, remember thy deeds we want to inform the recognition in the city . called on cadres at all levels should be like you , do an example, do a model . " This sentence from the mouth Xue Guoping say , Gucci outlet online mind a little whispered . As though he is a newcomer Marina officialdom , but too little is known Xue Guoping and Liu Qifeng deal , he now can be regarded as the direct descendant of Liu Qifeng , Xue Guoping be yourself so well ? Think are a bit out of touch.

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Xue Guoping continued: " We are now cadres , what is missing ? Is the lack of the spirit of serving the people like you ! Missing you this devotion ! Your actions with your interpretation of what is my party's cadres ." This hat is a bit too high , Gucci outlet online dare then ? Quickly modesty : "The head ,Gucci outlet online store you do not recognize me quickly and I really did not do anything , encounters that case , who will go to save people ." Xue Guoping nodded and said: " Comrade Li , told you to tell the truth , I usually hate the most is people telling lies empty and you are low-key, I love you ah. Considered is how to strengthen the people's flesh and blood ? say it does not depend on the mouth , but by actions to be embodied in the people most in need of help when others do not stand up , you stand up and you are a hero , is an example, is a model , not reward you , reward who ? "

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Listen Xue Guoping said his own so noble , Gucci outlet online really do not know how to pick something, and he had to tweak and said: " Heads , you are not afraid of a joke now is very scared to come as long as I'm a little slow step , the body it buried in it , will never meet again the next day's sun . actually blame that old lady ,Visiter this website she always talks unafraid of death , who knows no law scared even to go away, I had to hold her to walk out. Who would have thought just did not hold up and take two steps above to collapse . at the time, I yielded to go outside a flutter, so pushed her out, she did not hurt , I hurt, . "
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